How I got over

The duo Middernacht & Alexander use decommissioned underground diesel tanks as the basis for their unique functional artworks, which are part of an ongoing series titled 'How I Got Over.' In Belgium, it's customary for every home to be powered by burning the diesel stored in these tanks. However, due to ongoing environmental efforts, these tanks are gradually being phased out. Middernacht & Alexander eagerly repurpose these discarded tanks and incorporate the iron from them into their works.
These tanks are often several decades old, having been buried underground for many years. As a result, their exteriors are marked by corrosion, which imparts a unique patina, contributing to the distinctive character of the artworks. In addition to the uniqueness of the raw material, each piece is finished with a distinct combination of epoxy and pigments, resulting in breathtaking colors and individuality. Since there's no record of which pigments are used, or their quantities, during the production process, each artwork is inherently one-of-a-kind.

Pictures by Sander Muylaert