Ebony Ice

Ebony Ice
172 x 30 x 48 cm
Handcrafted using recycled steel, pigments, resin, and varnish.

Inspired by concrete and gravel Ebony Ice might come across as a rugged bench, possibly because of the many textured layers to which sand, cement and a variety of whites and greys were added. However the piece was finished using a water clear epoxy, smoothing out it's rough surface.

… we can regard retrocausality as a kind of fuzziness in the “crystallisation of the present” — Ellis has argued that the past is not always fully defined at any instant. It is like a block of ice that contains little blobs of water that have not yet crystallized. Even though the broad outline of events at a particular instant has been decided, some of the fine details remain fluid until a later time. Then, when this “fixing” of the details happens, it looks like they have retrospective consequences.
From “The Quantum Origin of Time”, BBC