Middernacht & Alexander


5-10 December, Miami FL
Booth G/22 - Atelier Ecru Gallery

24 Nov-7 Jan, Brussels
Curated by Stephanie Frederickx

How I Got Over (Overview)
2020-2023 Selection
  1. Cloud Stone
  2. Ruby Blush
  3. Fossil Sage
  4. Blonde Fern
  5. Ebony Ice
  6. Romance
  7. Boon Sky
  8. Cinnamon Cloud
  9. Coral Moon
  10. Planet Orchid
  11. Toxic Moss
  12. Bloody Lapis
  13. Mauve Punch
  14. Navy Raisin

Other  (Overview)
2016-2023 Selection
  1. Vulnerable Dimensions
  2. Installations
  3. Am I Ready Now
  4. Perfect, Nearly There
  5. Like Today, But More Like Forever
  6. Perfect
  7. Have A Nice Day
  8. Least said, soonest mended
  9. All that is gold, does not glitter 


We live our lives made up of a great quantity of isolated instants. So as to be lost at the heart of a multitude of things.


1. Cloud Stone

Introducing the Cloud Stone, a compact dining set. A bespoke meticulously handcrafted piece for smaller in- or outdoor spaces.

Measuring 100 x 50 x 79 cm, the Cloud Stone set is handcrafted using recycled steel, pigments, resin, and varnish.

In a display of ingenuity, the stools largely fit underneath the table, offering a space-saving solution without compromising on sophistication. The color palette, aptly named Cloud Stone, evokes a sense of serene refinement, transforming any room into a curated space.